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Tamarind, Polperro

Replacement dwelling

The property sits within an AONB on a narrow strip in a modern suburb on the outskirts of the historic fishing village of Polperro. The plot, flagged by dormer bungalows, seems unremarkable until you enter the dwelling and view beyond the vanishing edge of the south facing garden to the panoramic coastal landscape. The replacement dwelling sits on the same footprint as the house it replaces however it addresses many of the original dwellings shortcomings–its aesthetics, the awkward layout, its lack of views, dated fit out and services etc.

To provide the increased accommodation required rather than extend the footprint and create a deeper plan, the eaves to the existing walls were raised to provide a first floor. The asymmetric zinc clad roof allows the eaves height to the road elevation to be kept low and no more imposing that the dwelling it replaces (see east and west elevations). The street front is deliberately modest and simple. The kitchen, living and master bedrooms are located to the private south facing elevation to take advantage of the panoramic views overlooking the rear garden and sea beyond. This elevation is more playful with timber cladding, a projecting covered balcony and glazed sliding doors allow the garden to be an extension of the living areas. This design approach was supported by Cornwall Council.

The main living areas, along with two ground floor bedrooms, are located on the ground floor so potential future needs of the Applicants, if they were to become less mobile, are accommodated.

The proposal raises the design standard of suburban living without being imposing or ostentatious.

The dwelling was procured to budget and largely to programme through a traditional full tender process.