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Every project is different although there are fundamental principles and approaches that are intrinsic to all proposals and their realisation:

  • Site: orientation, site characteristics, views, and access. The connection of these elements, both visual and physical, is key to the success of any building.
  • Brief. Establishment of an agreed brief and a clear legible working diagram underpins the project from the initial stage.
  • Materials. The employment and expression of a simple palette; often traditional materials used in a modern way.
  • Sustainability. Sustainable solutions are incorporated wherever appropriate, employed through design, orientation, built fabric and renewable energy sources and facilitating the Client’s understanding of the building’s mechanics.
  • The built environment. Users must be excited but not at the expense of their practical needs. Inspiration in parallel with function.
  • Dialogue. Continuous communication between Architect, Client, Consultants, and Contractors is important to achieve everyone’s goal. During the construction stage I insist on a hands-on approach.