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Stone Farm Cottage, Bridford

— Alterations and Extensions to existing property

The existing dwelling was a mixture of two elements; the original cob/ stone farmhouse; and an attached two storey extension which partially encompasses an original ground floor stone outbuilding. No works were proposed to the original farmhouse as it has been previously sensitively restored by the current owners. The proposal seeks to address the poor thermal performance of the badly executed 1990s barn conversion, the confusing layout, and lack of connection to the older section of the house, improved the overall aesthetic and the building’s link to the external areas/ panoramic views beyond.

Previously there was no ‘front door’ and cars parked in the main courtyard so the house looked over them. To address this a new parking area was provided nearer to the road so cars no longer need to drive past the front of the house. Infilling the area under the oversailing first floor allowed an entrance porch to be formed, which creates a thermal buffer to the outside as well as an area for coats and boots. From here this opens onto the increased width kitchen/ dining area which is largely glazed to the west walled courtyard. Re-orientating the central staircase omits the requirement for the further stairs and forms a central link between the original cottage and other accommodation. The layout of the newer first floor area is re-configured, so the circulation is rationalised, and the two more equally sized bedrooms, have panoramic views over the applicants’ land rather than towards the neighbour.

The original ground floor stonework is retained but the unsympathetic brick faced lintels were replaced with granite. The timber framed first floor is clearer defined through the replacement of the poor render finish with untreated timber cladding.

Planning was granted in Summer 2021; Armada Construction won the tender and works commenced in March 2022, completing in March 2023.