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Cedar House, Up-Lyme

Alterations and Extensions to existing dwelling

The existing dwelling, a rendered two bedroom bungalow with concrete tiles built in 1998, was not of architectural merit and the existing pedestrian and vehicular access was awkward (you could not see the front door from the highway; the ground floor level was 3 meters lower than the road and parking level; and the rear garden was 1.7m lower than the ground floor level). The brief was to increase the limited accommodation of the existing property, improve access arrangements, create a stronger connection to the garden areas and take advantage of the views to the north.

Rather than reduce the existing rear garden and to limit any overlooking of the neighbouring gardens (to the north and east) the decision was to extend the property to the front (south) rather than the rear with a two storey, mono pitched roof extension. This allowed access directly from the parking area to the first floor (by way of a level bridge) and provides the additional accommodation required without significantly raising the existing ridge line.

Large openings have been introduced into the existing fabric to the north to take advantage of distant views from the living, kitchen and dining areas.

The project was completed in summer 2015.