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Replacement dwelling

A simple stone clad, single storey element, housing the entrance, carport and ancillary space, forms the courtyard drive and turning area and clearly defines the public area. The glazed link houses and clearly indicates the entrance area and circulation, with the front door on axis with the drive entrance welcoming visitors. The most public facades are kept low and simple.
The main accommodation is two-storey and encompassed by the dark red zinc mono-pitched roof (akin to dark copper) which continues as wall finish to the north. The north facades facing into the courtyard are simple with small casement windows, a design approach similar to that of many vernacular Devon dwellings. The roof is mono-pitched, embracing and opening the dwelling up to the site (south and west) and views beyond. This is further reflected by the introduction of large glazed panels and untreated timber cladding to the south. The form and location of the building creates a sheltered garden to the south and west (protected on all sides by the existing boundary hedges).
From the entrance you enter under a double height space to the kitchen and dining area and then onto the living space, which opens up to the south and west terrace. The bedrooms are located on first floor with their outlook over the property’s gardens.
The dwelling is currently being constructed by Weberhaus, a German timber frame company, with competition expected in late 2017.