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Bray Cottage, Hockworthy

Alterations and Extensions to Bray Cottage

The Clients’ brief was to extend the property to provide the increased accommodation they require and in doing so address the following shortfalls of the existing dwelling and gardens.

The Design

The design was born out of the following considerations:

  • Existing dwelling and road frontage: Retaining the character of the existing dwelling was important. The fabric of the existing dwelling is largely retained and, with the exception of increasing the aperture size of the window to one of the bedrooms, the South facade adjoining the road remains untouched.
  • West extension: The kitchen is relocated from the small, narrow rear lean-to to the single storey west extension. It is set at a mid level between the ground floor of the existing dwelling and the higher garden level providing a connection to the garden from the property – by way of views and access. A large glassed sliding door gives level access to the South garden and the ceiling is open to the vaulted roof line. Both elements provide a contrasting environment to the existing cottage – in terms of height, space and light. The roof line is set lower than the existing cottage and the existing is largely hidden from view from the road due to the established hedge bordering the boundary.
  • The rear two storey extension houses on the ground floor a WC, office (the applicant works from home), and craft room (for their two young children); and on the first floor a family bathroom and guest bedroom. This extension is not visible from beyond the property – its lean-to roof is lower than the ridge of the existing dwelling and it replaces an unattractive dormer.
  • Layout: the altered floor plans allows the dwelling to be used much more successfully and is more family orientated. It provides a large kitchen/ dining area with a strong connection to the private garden; a dedicated entrance/ utility area; a home office and a first floor bathroom.


The project is currently on site with completion due later this year.